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.17 Hornet Competition Seating Die

17hornetcomp4siteRedding Offers their Competition Seating Die For the New 17 Hornet!

Redding has added the now SAAMI accepted 17 Hornet to its highly respected line of Competition Seating Dies. This new die represents a positive step in gaining the best possible accuracy from this new cartridge. Additionally, the design of the die makes seating the small, light bullets much easier than when using a traditional seating die.

The Redding Competition Seating Die uses incredibly tight manufacturing tolerances to maintain concentricity by fully supporting the entire cartridge case throughout the seating process. At the same time, the bullet itself is aligned using a free floating, seater stem which is ground to bullet diameter. The bullet and seater are further controlled by traveling through a reamed section of the supporting sleeve, which is machined to a dimension, which is a few tenths of a thousandth of an inch larger than the diameter of the bullet. This method controls both the centered position meplat and the land bearing point in perfect concentricity with the cartridge case. All components then move into the die body together until a precise seating depth is attained by the free floating seater contacting the micrometer head.

The micrometer assures both precise and repeatable seating depths in increments of 0.001”. Adjustment is simple with knurled surfaces for a positive grip on the micrometer head plus bright and easily readable white scales and numbers against a polished and blued background. Like all Redding dies, this new 17 Hornet Competition Seating Die is proudly 100% American made in Cortland NY, USA with American Steel, American Labor and on American Made Machinery.


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