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.300 Blackout Trim Die

trimdie3004siteRedding Introduces Trim Dies for .300 Blackout!

Due to the increased popularity and demand for this cartridge and its as yet limited brass availability, Redding Reloading Equipment has introduced a Trim Die for use with .222 Rem and .223 Rem brass to allow the user to make .300 BLK brass from each of these cases. It is important to note that any cases formed from .222 Rem or .223 Rem will have neck walls which must be reamed or turned to create a correct thickness. This is caused by the brass in the new neck area being formed from the body area of the longer cases. If not properly reamed or turned these like any thick necks, could cause elevated chamber pressures.

Case forming is a safe and well established reloading process which will provide cost savings and increased availability of many hard to find cases. Redding offers a wide variety of forming dies and trim dies for both modern and hard to find obsolete cartridges. Case forming can bring new life to old firearms and also provide a cost effective means to replace difficult to find brass as it becomes unusable over multiple reloadings.

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