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Profile Crimp Die For .45-70 FTX Cases

4570ftx4siteRedding Introduces New Profile Crimp Die For .45-70 FTX Cases!

Redding Reloading Equipment will begin producing a special new Profile Crimp Die for use with the Hornady Lever Revolution/FTX .45-70 Ammunition. These cases are specified to be approximately 1/16th of an inch shorter than the minimum SAAMI Standard to which virtually all die sets are manufactured. This variance from the standard case length has made it difficult for the handloader to crimp his or her bullets. This is because the location of the traditional .45-70 die’s crimp ring is approximately 0.065” too deep into the die to contact the mouth of this specialized brass.

(Note) There is no problem using the Redding Full Length, Expander and Seating dies with the Hornady FTX .45-70.

As all Redding dies are designed using SAAMI or CIP Specifications, when available, the crimping function is negated by this shorter case length specification. Since good reloading practice suggests we seat and crimp in separate operations, the logical answer was to design and offer a specialized Profile Crimp Die, properly dimensioned to crimp the shortened case as specified by Hornady in their loading data. This new Taper Crimp die will also work with standard .45-70 brass if the die is backed out approximately 0.065”.

Redding Reloading Equipment will continue to endeavor to support and supply the serious handloader with the innovative, high quality reloading solutions they demand.

Redding Reloading Equipment has focused on building the finest quality American Made products for the precision handloading market since 1946.

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