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Custom Made Dies

Our Series “C” and “D” listings contain many obsolete and wildcat cartridges normally considered “custom” by other manufacturers. Additionally, those charts also list our "Custom Series" dies. We try to maintain limited quantities of factory inventory on all of these. If you do not find the dies that you need after consulting the die caliber reference charts, we can usually custom make them for you. Please keep in mind, the die reference chart is only a partial listing. We have made custom dies for hundreds of chamberings that are simply too numerous to list.

Redding is currently accepting special orders for  custom or "one-of-a-kind" dies

Some cartridges with a very unique design and/or unusual shoulder angle may require a tooling and engineering charge to partially cover our expense for making up special tooling. In the event such costs are required, they will be quoted separately. To get a firm price quote, send us your chamber reamer drawing, including all dimensions and the shoulder angle.

As an alternative, you can simply send us three (3) fired cases from your chamber for examination on our optical comparator. Package them carefully to prevent damage in transit, and do not forget to include clear instructions as to exactly what your needs are, i.e. dies to form the case, full length die set, neck sizing dies only, etc. Your fired cases will be returned upon request. Because of the nature of work involved in making custom dies, advance payment is req u i red with the order. Please allow a minimum of 16 weeks for delivery after your order has been received.

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