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Competition Seaters and COAL

Question: I cannot seat my bullets deep enough in my cases to achieve my desired C.O.A.L. using my Competition Seating Die. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Due to the complex nature of a Redding Competition Seating Die, additional care should be taken as to be certain that the Die is set up correctly. Please see our “Quick Start Guide” for easy to follow instructions.

Typically, problems achieving the correct C.O.A.L. with a Competition Seating Die are caused by one of the following problems:

1) The large Reamed Sleeve (marked with Cartridge Designation) is not being compressed against the shellholder.

The sleeve should be compressed (NEARLY flush with the outer Die Body) when the Ram/Shellholder is raised to its uppermost position. Please note that the when the sleeve is completely compressed, the Die Body itself will need to be backed away slightly as to not contact the shellholder or damage may result. For more information, please refer to the Competition Seating Die Instructions or the Quick Start Guide.

2) The Set Screw located in the Micrometer Top needs to be adjusted.


The Set Screw mentioned above can be adjusted using the large Allen Wrench that was included with your Competition Seating Die.

Turning the screw Clockwise will lower the screw; allowing the bullet to be seated deeper with the same relative micrometer setting. Conversely, turning the screw counter-clockwise will raise the position of the screw producing a longer C.O.A.L. with the same relative Micrometer setting.

If the C.O.A.L. of your cartridges cannot be adjusted deep enough, try lowering the position of the setscrew. When the setscrew is adjusted, the Die will have to be adjusted from “scratch” in your press as to avoid damage. For more information, please reference the section entitled “Micrometer Adjustment and Zero” in the Competition Seating Die instructions and the Quick Start Guide.

*From the factory, a small amount of adhesive has been applied to the setscrew. As a result, the screw’s initial adjustment will require more force than subsequent adjustments.

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