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338 Lapua Extreme VLD Bullet Seating Issues

338 Lapua
Seating issues with long VLD style bullets

With many new VLD style projectiles on the market for the 338 Lapua, we have found that some like the Berger 300 gr. cannot be seated deeply enough to meet maximum cartridge overall length with our standard seat plug as supplied with our standard seating die. We have found that our Micrometer Adjustable VLD seat plug #20, Part Number 09180, provides the additional seating dept and adds a higher level of precision to the seating operation with true 0.001” calibration control.
Please note, the supplied seat plug works with the vast majority of bullets available for the caliber and does a great job, but unique bullet designs at the extreme ends of the available spectrum may present issues.
Our Customer Service Department is happy to assist Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:15 PM (Eastern Time) with any issues you may have at (607) 753-3331 or via e-mail at: techline Additionally, we maintain a record of various bullets which have presented difficulties and their solutions.

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