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Micro Adjustable Taper Crimp Dies

Redding's new Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Dies are top adjusting to simplify making precise adjustments. Variations in case length and wall thickness both adversely effect proper adjustment.

Traditional Taper Crimp Die adjustment is both time consuming and imprecise due to the coarse 7/8-14 pitch die threads and the need to re-position the lock ring, this is especially important to users of progressive reloading presses with tight space constraints.

The new Redding Micro-Adjustable Taper Crimp Dies have a knurled micrometer type barrel situated on the top of the die for easy access and provides approximately +/- .100 of "on-the-fly" adjustment after initial setup.

Versatility is enhanced by the internal crimping sleeve which can be reversed to accommodate two different cartridges having closely related body diameters. An example is the .38 Super and the 9mm family of cartridges.

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