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.17 Hornet Standard Die Sets

17hornetstandard4siteRedding Offers Die Sets for the New 17 Hornet Cartridge!

The new 17 Hornet is an exciting cartridge filling a unique niche for the low noise, low recoil shooter interested in varmint hunting. It has shown very good accuracy potential and is both easy and inexpensive to handload. Now with SAAMI acceptance, Redding Reloading Equipment is offering dies and die sets for this cartridge.

The 17 Hornet is offered in both a Standard two die set with a full length sizing die (FL) and seating die (ST), as well as a three die Deluxe Set which also adds a neck die (NK). These new sets are already in distribution and available from a number of Redding’s resellers throughout the US. Like all Redding Die sets, these are proudly 100% American made in Cortland, NY, USA with American Steel, American Labor and on American Made Machinery.

Part numbers for these new die sets are: 80279 for the Standard two die set, 84279 for the Deluxe set and 11014 for the Shellholder.


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