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Stuck Cases; Causes and Cures

Regardless of how careful we are, eventually any serious reloader will stick a case. 

There are a host of ways in which to minimize the unpleasant phenomenon of a stuck case and keep your reloading life just a bit happier:

Use only high quality, special purpose manufactured case lube. Ordinary motor or household oils will not work in this application. We recommend Imperial Sizing Die Wax or Redding Original Formula Case Lube.  Both of these products are designed to withstand the pressures of case resizing and case forming without breaking down and causing a case to stick.

Keep resizing dies clean and free of debris.  Grime and grit can act as a wedge helping to stick a case. If your dies are new, the original preservative oil the dies are shipped with is not a case lube and you should remove it thoroughly before using the die as the instruction sheet stipulates.

After cleaning, apply a light coating of Imperial Sizing Die Wax or Redding Original Formula Case Lube to the die's interior with a Q-Tip®. Be sure to examine the die thoroughly and remove any excess.

Lube your case bodies with the appropriate product, paying special attention to the lowest 1/2 inch of the case at the body / web junction, as this is the thickest and therefore is where most sticking will occur.

Purchase and keep handy, a Stuck Case Removal Kit for that unhappy day when you do stick a case.  This will allow you to remove a stuck case quickly,  without damaging the die.  Be sure to follow the included instructions carefully.

These tips will add to your reloading efficiency and enjoyment as well as reduce the frustration associated with a stuck case.

If all else fails and you have a stuck case without a means to properly remove it,  Redding offers one free stuck case removal with the direct purchase of the Stuck Case Removal Kit (Redding P/N 22000).  Send the die, along with a check or money order for

$ 30.00 to:

Redding Reloading / Stuck Case Service

1089 Starr Road

Cortland , NY 13045

Be sure to include your return address and telephone number.  Your die will have the stuck case removed, be dimensionally inspected be re-polished and ultrasonically cleaned as new. It will be returned to you with your Stuck Case Removal Kit and a free sample of Imperial Sizing Die Wax, postage paid.

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